Luke Klinker
Engineer, Designer, Consultant, Entrepreneur
About Me

I am a Google Play Top Developer and full-stack engineer with a passion for creating beautiful and powerful mobile experiences and open source contributions. I am the founder, owner, and sole-proprietor of my own company - Klinker Apps, Inc. - which has gained a following over the years as a premier Android app distributer. I have a wealth of open source contributions, actively speak at local user groups and conferences, and I do some blogging about Android, software development, and my unique experience. I have also done plenty of consulting work for companies and startups around the Des Moines metro and San Fransisco Bay area.

Throughout college, I worked on building out Klinker Apps along with my twin brother, Jake, who is now working for Google. Over that time, we designed, built, distributed, and managed several highly-successful Android applications and web integrations. We created a name for ourselves among the Android community, as well as tech companies that we consulted with.

Have an idea, or want to talk to me about a new opportunity? Feel free to drop me an email and I will get in touch!

My Latest Projects
Work Experience

Klinker Apps, Inc: Owner

January 2013 - Now

  • Achieved the distinction of Top Developer on Google Play
  • Designed and developed numerous top-selling, multilingual applications, from ground up
  • Published and maintained apps totalling over 6 million downloads
  • Used Rails to make efficient backends to power our latest work
  • Managed a Jenkins server to bring unit testing and continous integration to all of our products
  • Established unique business knowledge, including customer service/support and financial management, through the startup and daily operations of the company
  • Practiced marketing techniques such as funnel analysis, event tracking, and AB testing to reach the most users and achieve an extremely high user acquisition and retention rate accross all my products
  • Successfully implemented advertising and marketing campaigns to bring my work to all types of users

Sensor Tower: Engineering Manager

December 2016 - Now

  • Building Android apps and services at Sensor Tower
  • Maximized user acquisition and retention through the use of AB testing, event tracking, and funnel analysis
  • Worked alongside Ruby engineers to develop a server and mobile app concurrently

Source Allies: Software Engineer

September 2014 - June 2017

  • Applied software best practices, like test driven development, paired programming, agile development, code coverage, and dependency injection
  • Developed important industry skills including project management and code maintainability through testing
  • Used AWS to scale, automate, and develop a number of applications
  • Communicated with physical devices by implementing RS-232 serial communication protocols
  • Implemented applications built for performance, usability, design, and security in the Internet of Things
  • Solely managed multi-million dollar Android project for Ryko Manufacturing
  • Worked on the large scale data ingestion model for John Deere, to collect and aggregate data for farmers across the world

NetAngel: Android Consultant

January 2017 - April 2017

  • Fixed numerous reliablity issues in their existing Android solution
  • Documented and taught the team about Android, creating apps, and potential pitfalls for when they take over the app again
  • Managed a persistent VPN connection to ensure a safer internet for the company's users

University of Iowa

September 2012 - May 2016

  • BSE in computer engineering
  • Minor in computer science
  • Minor in mathematics
  • 3.79 GPA
  • President of the water polo team
  • Presidential scholarship recepient

Open Source Contributions

Giving back to the community

I'm passionate about giving back to the Android community since I owe all of my success to its members. I'm proud of the open source work that I've published and contributed to on GitHub and will continue doing what I can long into the future. Many of the libraries that I or Klinker Apps has published have received well over 1000 stars, you might even see them in some of your favorite apps! A few of the more popular ones are Talon for Twitter, link builder, drag/dismiss activity, sliding activity, an article viewer, plus so many more.

If you've seen something in one of our apps that you'd like to use for yourself, or you're just curious how something works, reach out to me and I'll probably open source it for you!

For a printable resume, grab it here.